5pm AddinNow 5pm Outlo0ok Addin can work with multiple selected emails, so you can create multiple tasks at once. You can read more about the addin here.


Time Report

We just redesigned the Time Report Print View. Now all our reports print as close to their screen version as possible.


General Report

We totally redesigned the Print View of our General Report to make it match the report itself. Now you can have a hard copy that looks just like the report on the screen with all the color coding and images!



We just added the integration with Microsoft OneDrive file storage service.

Now you can easily link any files from OneDrive – documents, pictures, even whole folders.

Using 5pm with OneDrive gives you the flexibility to keep your files in OneDrive, while still linking them from 5pm – no need to store them in two locations!

5pm also integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox file storage service.



8am light CRM and calendar tool is now available for commercial use!

While 5pm is great for tracking individual projects you do for clients, 8am can serve as a general client area, with all the information and communication related to them. In 8am you can schedule phone calls, track follow ups, set small tasks and more. You can import your 5pm clients into 8am with a few clicks. When there is a new project for a client, you can create it in 5pm and simply post the link to it into 8am, for reference.

We plan to look into more integration between 5pm and 8am.

You can try 8am at: www.8amweb.com – a free 14-day trial is available.


Copy Tags

The filter by tags right now filters projects and tasks at the same time. So, if you have a tag assigned only to the project, it will not show the tasks…

To help with that, we just added a simple option to copy project tags to all its open tasks (available via the right click on the project name).


5pm - assigning a team when adding multiple tasks

You can add multiple tasks in 5pm using the “+” button on the top of the left panel. Now we extended this feature to allow you to also select the task team when doing it. Please note that if you have the flag turned on to automatically self-assign created tasks to yourself (via “settings”) – you will be automatically added to the team here as well.


5pm & Firefly integration

November 18, 2014


Firefly is a design management and collaboration tool developed by our company. It lets you upload ans share your designs – sketches, mockups, even capture existing web pages – then add design remarks directly on top of them, creating team discussion. Now you can link easily Firefly screens to 5pm projects or tasks:

Link Firefly screens

 Firefly works well with 5pm when visual tasks are involved. You can keep your designs in Firefly, with discussions, versions, etc. while simply linking them in 5pm.

Firefly previewYou can read more about the integration here and more about Firefly on www.FireflyApp.com.


5pm 7-year Anniversary!

November 14, 2014

5pm 7th anniversary


Today we are celebrating our 7th anniversary!

We would like to thank all our clients for their ongoing support! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.





We just revealed Firefly two weeks ago and today we have another announcement to make: we are proud to present our new tool called 8am!

8am is a contact management tool with a centralized address book, calendar, events, tasks and team discussions. 8am is a light CRM designed to help you start your morning more efficiently with all information at your fingertips.

With 8am you can:

  • Maintain an address book of all your contacts with custom fields, relevant notes, files, etc.
  • Manage personal and team calendars with events, tasks, reminders, etc.
  • Customize your team access rights
  • Locate information quickly via Dashboard and real-time Search

As the name implies, we designed 8am to work as a companion to 5pm. While 5pm is designed to handle projects of different sizes, track time and manage workload, 8am is designed to handle client details and calendars.

You can import your 5pm users and contacts (clients) into 8am and see how you can use these tools side by side to get more done from 8am to 5pm!

8am is available for free while it is in beta – check it at www.8amweb.com and let us know what you think!