Progress Bars

We just updated the progress bars to give them a more modern and simpler look. In the right panel it also made the Progress Notes more readable and compact.


evolutionCompare how main 5pm screen evolved over the past six years. [ link ]



Google Drive

We fixed the issues we had lately with Google Drive integration. We actually had to re-code that part to work with the latest Google updates. Now it is back online.

The old menus of linking Google Doc / Google Apps Doc files were combined into a single “Link Google Drive Files”.


Rich Text Editor

We updated our rich text editor to work better with IE11. Also, it now preserves the table formatting on paste – it also means you can paste tables from Excel!



Some of our clients asked for an easier way to self-assign projects/tasks they create (right now it takes a couple of clicks). We went ahead and added this as an option to personal “settings” (turned off by default).


5pm iPhone app updateWe just updated our iPhone app to iOS7.

We also used this opportunity to fix some issues we found and improve it in some places.

You can download it from iTunes here.


Compact Logs

We just modified the User Logs to group together events from the same people – it makes it more compact.

Also, now there is a “Restore” link besides the deleted items – so you can restore what you deleted by mistake!


5pm subscription plansWe just upgraded all our standard subscription plans by doubling the disk space quota for almost all of them. Now you can store even more files in your 5pm account without paying extra!


5pm app

With iOS7 out every iOS developer found themselves with the task of optimizing their existing apps for the new iOS.

While updating our 5pm iPhone app, our developers ran into different issues they had to address. Since other developers may face the same problems, we decided to share what we have learned.

Below are just five practical solutions you may need when optimizing your  app for iOs 7. Feel free to add more in the comments – it may save other developers some time.

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