Saint Mary’s University of MinnesotaIn their recent research Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota included 5pm in their top list of project management tools.

“5pm is a platform management system that offers easy linking to Google Docs, a time tracking desktop widget, custom logos and avatars to personalize for a team, email integration and well-developed mobile app features. This PM system is used by large corporations, such as McDonalds and U.S. Bank, and in addition to offering a two-week free trial, 5pm allows potential users to “login” to an example of a typical organization setup, rather than just a standard demo or video tour of the program.”

5pm is used by many EDUs around the world, you can see some of the examples here:

You can read the full Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota report here.


TimeTrackerWe just updated our 5pm TimeTracker desktop widget, fixing some small bugs, and also upgrading it to the latest AIR version.

For those who need to track their time, check it here:


Record ClickSee how Record Click uses 5pm project management service for their genealogy services [ read more ].



Workload Reports update

June 11, 2014

Workload Reports

We just updated our both Workload Reports to be able to take in consideration the hours or % completed already submitted for tasks not closed yet (works only in “hours” mode calculation).

Daily Workload Report can now show as far as 120 days into the future (up from 10 days before).


Dropbox integrationWe just updated our Dropbox integration to support the new features they are offering now – selecting multiple files at once, filter files by type, etc.

It also supports Dropbox for Business accounts.



One-Page Guide to 5pmWe just updated our one-page guide to 5pm. It covers the very basics and is designed to help new users. Make sure they print it out and keep it above the desk. [ open ]


Are you looking for a project management tool for your nonprofit organization? With 5pm you are in a good company – check the list below.

We do have a special offer for ORGs.

Nonprofits using 5pm



Progress Bars

We just updated the progress bars to give them a more modern and simpler look. In the right panel it also made the Progress Notes more readable and compact.


evolutionCompare how main 5pm screen evolved over the past six years. [ link ]



Google Drive

We fixed the issues we had lately with Google Drive integration. We actually had to re-code that part to work with the latest Google updates. Now it is back online.

The old menus of linking Google Doc / Google Apps Doc files were combined into a single “Link Google Drive Files”.