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We just added the possibility to create new Rules based on the “Priority Changed” condition — it will help you stay on top of your urgent tasks!

For over fourtren years now we have been helping organizations and companies around the world to manage their projects. This year is a challenging one, but with the help of tools like 5pm, remote teams can be managed more efficiently.

We would like to thank all our clients for your ongoing support! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay safe!

A new tab in Time Report allows you to see the distribution of hours between your users.

Read more about Time Report here.

Notification Center

We just added the Notification Center — a central location for your deadline alerts and Automation logs. [ more details ]

Automation is a powerful feature, but with all the possible triggers/actions it may take time to figure out how to use it. Because of that, we added a set of Rule Templates:

We also expanded the actions with a few more triggers, including the possibility to change task Status and Priority.

Automation Logs can also be visible now in the main interface area, with other user logs:

Read more about 5pm Automation in Help.

We just added compact/expanded views to the Timeline, so you can fit more data on the screen, or make it bigger. You can switch between those modes with Shift + V. [ read more about Timeline ]

Managing deadlines in 5pm

Deadlines are important. Deadlines can be necessary. 5pm has a range of tools to manage your deadlines efficiently.

Check the new Help: Managing Deadline section. It covers everything you need to know about deadlines in 5pm — from deadlines reminders and the original deadline values, to reports and automation.

Get efficient with your deadlines and get more done by 5pm! [ read more ]

Timeline Navigator

If you like the Timeline View in 5pm, you will like the new Navigator tool:

It will help you navigate large Timelines with much more ease!

Read more about Timeline View in 5pm.

5pm for Android app update

  • rich text editor for messages
  • swipe menu
  • updated project/task color coding
  • updated dropdowns
  • other improvements

You can download it via Google Play store.

Reports: Save Filters

Running too many reports in 5pm? Have to select the same filters again and again? No worries — now you can save the report filters, so you can run the same reports again and again with a single click.

Find more about 5pm reports in the Help section.