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5pm now supports emojis (Win+period shortcut in Windows). You can add them to the project and task names, into your messages, even your user name. Have fun!

Now you can open and share any supported files (PDF, Excel, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) on your iPhone.

Till now, the User role allowed people to only edit the projects and tasks they created or the ones they are assigned to. They were not able to close a task not assigned to them, or self-assign themselves to tasks. The only option was to add them to the task team or make them Administrators.

To address that, we just added a new flag to the Users profile — “Can also edit projects/tasks not assigned to”. Users with this flag turned on (it is off by default) will be able to edit projects and tasks not assigned to them.

Happy Holidays from 5pm!

Happy Holidays from our team!

Today we are celebrating our 11th anniversary!

For over a decade now we have been helping organizations and companies around the world to manage their projects. We are working hard every day on making 5pm a better project management tool.

Our redesigned, brand new interface is coming out soon! It is available as a private beta now — email us at support [at] 5pmweb.com if you want to get early access to it.

We would like to thank all our clients for their ongoing support! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.


5pm for Gmail Add-on

We just released 5pm for Gmail Add-on that helps creating tasks directly from your Gmail inbox! You can install the add-on from G Suite Marketplace.

We just updated our iPhone app. Now it supports push notifications (disabled by default) that replicate the email notifications.

You can download the latest version via iTunes.

5pm Outlook Add-in

We just released the 5pm Outlook Add-in that allows you to create tasks directly from Outlook emails! You can download the add-in from the Office Store.

You can read more about 5pm and Microsoft integrations on our site.

Highlighted Users filter

We just extended the users filter to be able to show just the highlighted users in the team (those marked in bold and used when you need to make some team members stand apart from the rest).

We just updated our iOS app. Now you can attach any type of files to your notes, including the ones from cloud storage services like Dropbox.

You can download the latest version via iTunes.