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Time Sheet

We just added the Time Sheet functionality to 5pm. Now you can log yours hours for multiple days and tasks via one form:

You can read more about it here.

We just added the possibility to create new Rules based on the “Estimated Hours exceeded” condition — it will help you track the hours better!

When using 5pm Outlook Add-in to create tickets from emails, their formatting, including tables, will now be preserved when copied to the Description field.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce 5pm’s 16th anniversary! A big thank you to our incredible clients for their steadfast support, which has been instrumental in enhancing our product!

Keep getting more done by 5pm — here’s to more years of success together! 🎉 #5pmAnniversary

Merging tasks

Did you ever create duplicate tasks by mistake? Now there is a way to merge two tasks — it will merge the task fields, messages and files.

Convert tasks to projects

Is your project tasks list growing too long? No problem — now you can convert tasks to other projects. That includes tasks with sub-tasks.

For over fifteen years now we have been helping organizations and companies to manage their projects!

We would like to thank all our clients for your ongoing support! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

“Files” tab lists all the files in one location, no matter to what message those were attached.

To locate the original message, we added the “Jump to message” function — credits go to our client Ethan W. for the idea.

Using Workload Reports you can see how much work has been scheduled for each user, either in number of tasks or estimated hours in those tasks.

When running the report by estimated hours, and when you have multiple team members for tasks, then those hours are added to each of the team member in the report. Sometimes, it may create a perception of more total estimated hours overall than scheduled.

The new flag — “split estimates between team” — addresses this problem, by splitting the estimated hours equally between all the task team members.

The List View shows the tasks/hours in a table format, grouped by users.