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Introducing Project tabs

We just added the possibility to open individual projects in separate tabs:

Project tabs

Simple use the “Open in new tab” option in the project menu:

Project menu

Learn more about the 5pm interface in the Help section.

5pm for Android new design

The new, totally redesigned, 5pm for Android app is out!

You can download it via Google Play store.

Learn how to track, log and report time easily in 5pm.

Check more videos on our website.

Check out this short video tutorial to learn how create a project and task in 5pm, add your team to them, post messages and close finished tasks.

Check more videos on our website.

Check out this new video tutorial to learn how you can use the alternative Timeline view to visualize and schedule your projects and tasks with a simple drag-and drop.

Check more videos on our website.

We just added the Compact View in Activity to our new (v2) interface. Users who had it turned on in v1 will see the effect immediately.

If you are posting links to YouTube videos into 5pm, now it will show you the preview of those videos:

Now you can customize the sidebar colors in 5pm!

Go to Settings> Global > Logo and colors menu on the top of your screen to access this feature. Admin rights required.

Other things you can customize: your logo and the page it links to, favicon (website icon ), welcome message on login page, header/footer in 5pm email notifications.

We just released a new video tutorial covering 5pm basics — learn how 5pm integrates with email for better team communication.

Check more videos on our website.

5pm update: Geolocation

With more and more people working remotely, we added the geolocation feature — now your team will be able to see where the person posted the message from.

This feature is turned off by default and can be enabled individually by each person via “settings” menu on the top of your 5pm screen.