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World Newspaper Congress uses 5pm for their project management needs

“Our team consists of ca. 15 people that are involved in certain aspects of marketing the event. I am the overall project leader. The team members are based in Paris, Hamburg, Vienna and Darmstadt near Frankfurt in Germany. They are our own staff, but also from a partner association, freelancers and our advertising agency.

Once set up, the 5PM tool allows us to steer all marketing activities, get an overview of when we will need which capacities. This is particularly challenging because the content input for our various marketing activities comes from a number of partners. This year, we have decided to co-locate our 2 main events (IFRA Expo, a trade show with ca. 350 exhibitors and 10.000 visitors and the World Newspaper Congress with ca. 1.200 delegates from 80+ countries). All the marketing activities have to be coordinated and sometimes even bundled, so for me it was imperative to use an online tool that could accommodate all this and allow file sharing, too. ”

Michael Heipel, Executive Director, WAN-IFRA GmbH & Co. KG

You can find more about World Newspaper Congress here.

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