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We just released the second video tutorial covering 5pm basics.

This video covers messages, files and progress notes — tools used to communicate with your team.

Check the other video: Adding Projects and Tasks

Multi-edit projects and tasks

Now you can easily edit multiple projects and tasks!

Simply multi-select them via holding the CTRL or  key on your keyboard and clicking on projects/tasks. [ read more ]

Normally, sub-tasks move together with their parent task. When the parent tasks deadline changes — the sub-tasks are shifted accordingly:


Please note that the parent task deadline changes automatically when closing the task (to the real closing date).

This functionality helps maintain the same “distance” between the parent tasks and their sub-tasks. But, for some teams, maintaining the original sub-tasks dates is more important.

For such teams, we just introduced the new flag in global settings — it prevents the shifting of sub-tasks dates:

Sub-tasks flag

5pm for Alexa Skill is out!

5pm Alexa Skill

Now you can use Alexa to interact with 5pm! Get the list of tasks assigned to you, check which ones are due today or overdue, or even add new tasks with a simple voice command.

You can read more about it on our website. To install the skill go to Amazon website.

We are starting a series of videos covering 5pm basics. In this first video, we show how to create projects and tasks. More videos will follow soon.

Social Toolbar now available on v2

Our Social Toolbar is now also available on the new interface (v2). The new version also comes with various improvements. [ read more]

For over twelve years now we have been helping organizations and companies around the world to manage their projects. We are working hard every day on making 5pm a better project management tool.

Check out our new redesigned interface released this summer.

We would like to thank all our clients for their ongoing support! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

In 5pm you can “highlight” specific team members (could be the team lead or the person responsible to complete the task). Last year we added the possibility to filter just the projects/tasks assigned to such “highlighted” users in the main view.

Today we added such a filter to the General and Time reports.

Overdue filter in the main view

We just added a new filter to the main view to display only the overdue projects and tasks:

Overdue filter