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We just updated our Slack integration. Now, with the support of forms, you have even more control over the creation of 5pm tasks. Simply start with the command “/5pm add” and you will be able to choose the project, assign deadline, etc. before creating the ticket – all of it within Slack!

Today we are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

For a decade now we have been helping organizations and companies around the world to manage their projects. We plan to continue this for many years to come!

We would like to thank all our clients for their ongoing support! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Sometimes not all task team members are created equal. Some people are part of the task team to simply receive alerts, while one or several people are the task “owners” or team leaders  — you can distinguish those from the rest by highlighting them (marking in bold by clicking on them in the Edit Task window). To better see the workload between people, we added a flag in both Workload Reports to filter only by highlighted team members.

New iOS app is out!

Our new iOS client for 5pm is out! Totally redesigned, improved and iOS 11 ready. [read more]

We just added a stats section to the General Report – it includes information on the % of completion, average task closing time and more.

General Report: Overdue filter

5pm Reports

We just added a new filter to the General Report — Overdue. It allows you to filter projects and tasks that missed the deadline.

Read more about 5pm Reports on our website.

PDF files preview

We just added PDF files preview (thumbnails) – it will make it easier to identify the right documents.

Updated avatars

We just updated the look of people avatars (read about the whole process on Firefly blog). The default avatars now contain the name initials and are in different colors, making it easier to distinguish users without a custom avatar picture. We hope this small change will help you glance through messages faster.

5pm is used by businesses and organizations all around the world.

Today we are sharing the story of a studio-based photography company from Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. Brockit Inc have been using 5pm since 2009 to manage their projects. They use it in combination with our smartQ ticket management system. [ read more ]

5pm + Slack integration!


We just released 5pm + Slack integration! With Slack group chat you can manage your team communication, while getting alerts from 5pm. Using Slack commands you can also get the list of your 5pm tasks, add new ones and even close them. [ read more ]