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We just added a stats section to the General Report – it includes information on the % of completion, average task closing time and more.

General Report: Overdue filter

5pm Reports

We just added a new filter to the General Report — Overdue. It allows you to filter projects and tasks that missed the deadline.

Read more about 5pm Reports on our website.

PDF files preview

We just added PDF files preview (thumbnails) – it will make it easier to identify the right documents.

Updated avatars

We just updated the look of people avatars (read about the whole process on Firefly blog). The default avatars now contain the name initials and are in different colors, making it easier to distinguish users without a custom avatar picture. We hope this small change will help you glance through messages faster.

5pm is used by businesses and organizations all around the world.

Today we are sharing the story of a studio-based photography company from Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. Brockit Inc have been using 5pm since 2009 to manage their projects. They use it in combination with our smartQ ticket management system. [ read more ]

5pm + Slack integration!


We just released 5pm + Slack integration! With Slack group chat you can manage your team communication, while getting alerts from 5pm. Using Slack commands you can also get the list of your 5pm tasks, add new ones and even close them. [ read more ]

New feature: Administrator Logs

Administrator Logs is the central location for user logs — the history of who did what (added a task, updated a project, deleted a message, etc.). You can filter the user logs and also restore items deleted by mistake! [ read more ]

5pm Celebrates 9 Years!

9 years

This week we are celebrating our 9th anniversary!

For over nine years we have been helping a wide range of organizations from local nonprofits to businesses around the world to manage their teams and projects efficiently. We are looking forward to keep improving our product — a big redesign is in the works right now.

Stay productive and get more done by 5pm!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

5pm speaks 26 languages now!

5pm translation project5pm interface is now available in Arabic. The credit goes to Moaz Albasha for the contribution.

All together 5pm is available in 26 (!) languages now: English, Swedish, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Turkish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Bulgarian, Japanese, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Spanish (Mexico), Czech, and now Arabic!

Want to see 5pm translated into your language? Any 5pm user can contribute (including the free trial accounts) — just use the “Settings” menu on the top of your 5pm screen. There is a link there called “5pm Translation” that will take you to the public translation area.

5pm iPhone app

We just added Quick Search to our iPhone app — now you can locate projects and tasks even faster.